Top Five Fishing Museums

International Game Fish Association Museum
18 Jun 2014

Top Five Fishing Museums

Museum Excursion searched long and hard to bring you a selection of fishing museums that proudly represent the nobel past time of fishing.  Grab your rod – we’re going fishing!


International Game Fishing Association Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum

From the moment you walk in this Dania Beach, Florida museum  you are immersed in an underwater world filled with fish.  There are 6 galleries that include everything from  what it’s like to be a fish deep underwater to visiting a Yacht in the marina.   Here you will see the world’s most comprehensive collection of sport fishing information, exhibits, educational information, interactive displays and virtual reality fishing.  Yep, that’s right, in the Catch Gallery there are 5 interactive fishing simulators along with interactive video angling experts that can give you a few fishing tips and techniques.

Fishing Museum International Game Fish Association

International Game Fish Association Fishing Museum


The American Museum of Fly Fishing

Located in Manchester, Vermont this museum is dedicated to preserving the cultural tradition and history of angling.  In this museum you will find the worlds largest collection  of angling and angling-related items.  Thousands of artifacts such as rods, reels, flies, tackle art, photographs, manuscripts and books reveals the evolution of fly fishing as a sport, art form, craft and industry dating back to the 16th century.  The museum is also a Blue Star museum.

American Fly Fishing Museum.  Photo By: Bill Bullock, Executive Director, AMFF

American Fly Fishing Museum. Photo By: Bill Bullock, Executive Director, AMFF


Go Fish Education Center

This museum in Perry, Georgia is supported by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and promotes fishing as a family-friendly, fun activity that educates and promotes fishing in the state of Georgia.  Here you can learn about Georgia’s diverse aquatic wildlife see freshwater aquariums, explore underwater habitats from mountain streams to black water swamps, view aquatic wildlife such as alligators and turtles, catch fish in a stocked pond and try out interactive fishing and boating simulators.  There is also a hatchery at the Go Fish Education Center that helps to improve the quality of fishing in Georgia.

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum

This museum situated in Hayward, Wisconsin is dedicated to the 50 million anglers in America.   The museum has over 1000 antique and classic outboard motors , 50,000 dated lures and artifacts and sits on a 7-acre site with an 88,000 gallon pond.  The museum is the international headquarters for education, recognition and promotion of fresh water sportfishing.  The museum also has a library that  keeps historical and contemporary publication for the fresh water sportfishing industry.

The highlight of this museum, however, is the “Shrine to Anglers” which is a structure one-half city block long and four and one-half stories tall.  It looks like a leaping muskellunge.  The inside of the large fish is part of the museum (there is an adjacent four-building museum complex that houses everything else) and in the open mouth of the fish there is an observation platform that can hold about 20 people.


Fresh Water Fishing Museum

Photo By: Bobak Ha’Eri


Minnesota Fishing Museum

Located in Little Falls, Minnesota this museum is home to over 10,000 fishing-related artifacts, a log cabin set that recreates an old time fish camp  and a large diorama depicting a typical spearing dark house on a frozen lake.  Here you can see antique boat motors dating back to 1902 and take a look at what anglers keep in their tackle box.  There is an aquarium with live native fish and a Minnesota record fish display that inspires anglers to catch “the big one.”


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