About Museum Excursion

Museum Excursion is a resource for people searching for information about museums and cultural institutions.  Amanda McCadams started Museum Excursion because she herself is an avid museum goer and is constantly searching for information about museums.  Some of the photography and information on this website is from museum visits that Amanda has made and some of the content is gathered from the press information sections of the various museums Amanda researches.   The goal is to be a go-to source for people looking for information about museums and a way for Amanda to document all of the wonderful museums she gets to visit.  If you have information about a museum you would like to see added please contact her.

Amanda McCadams, Founder

Amanda McCadams is a photographer, web designer, software developer and content creator. She received her MFA in photography in 2006 from the University of Georgia, Athens and her BS in photography in 1999 from Middle Tennessee State University.   Her professional experience ranges from front end developer to interactive media designer, photo editor to college professor and department chair. She loves museums of all sorts, traveling, wine, art and technology.

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